Brazil vol 1

Date: 23.10.2020 - 05.11.2020
30 °
25 kts
bungalow house
1-3 people

Top place in the world to learn kitesurfing in perfect conditions and great price!


Brazil SUEÑO Premium Camp

How is our trip different than the others? First and most of all, we organize it in high standards & top quality, so that you can rest as much as possible. Luxurious pousadas, comfortable airport shuttles – we’re the only company offering such a comfortable transport. Brazil is an adventure, a trip you’re awaiting the entire year. Wind conditions guaranteed and 100% kite satisfaction! No more waiting for wind, Brazil is a never ending wind story 😉




We’ll be visiting 3 legendary spots: Guajiru, Jericoacoara and Barra Grande. The closest spot is around 130 km away from the airport, the furthest is 450km away. Don’t worry, we’ve got it all arranged for you – just sit yourself comfortably in a sleeping bus, and we’ll get you everywhere! Our spots are so far away from big cities that you’ll feel totally safe and comfortable. Each place is different in riding conditions and in each place, we’ve chosen the best and most comfortable pousadas.

Why Brazil SUEÑO Premium Camp??


Wind conditions guaranteed & world’s legendary kite spots!

Wind in Brazil is strong and steady, at all times. NO more waiting for wind! We’ll be visiting 3 places with different kite spots, anywhere we go there’s flat water and waves.


Luxurious conditions – all included

Best hotels and comfortable transport  – we’ll pick you up from the airport with a sleeping bus. Don’t you worry about a thing. Flight, shuttle, rescue care – all included in the price.


Wonderful people!

We’re proud to say, that all the irreplacable vibes come from the people who travel with us! Common parties, caipirinha nights, interesting talks and new friendships and positive energy! This is our kite society:)

Customers opinion

Standard packageincluded


​During the trip we’ll visit 3 different places and we will be riding on different spots. Everywhere there’ll be flat and shallow water, but also ocean waves. Strong and steady wind blows all the time, from morning to evening!

We’ve chosen the best pousadas in 3 different locations: Barra Grande, Guajiru and Jericoacoara. In each place you have a choice of eco bungalows or comfortable rooms. All rooms are double bedrooms, and the pausadas serve delicious breakfasts. You can find more about our hotels under the FLIGHTS/ACCOMMODATION tab.

We’ll be holding a Progress Camp during our trip. Here you can learn how to jump, learn to ride a directional board or learn new tricks. You can also sign up for additional individual courses.

If you finished your course but still don’t feel too confident – this trip is for you! We’ll help you master your skills, teach you how to go upwind and do transitions.

If at any point of this trip we’re not kitesurfing…:) Apart from kiting you can get a massage, chill in a hammock, swim in a pool or discover the magical city of Jericoacoara:)

SUENO trips are not just about kiting, but also about the people! You’ll get a chance to meet wonderful souls, have a great talk or even make a new friendship! We guarantee you’ll be reminiscing about Brazil for many months after 😉

This package is for every kitesurfer. We are on the beach for you at all times and we care about your safety.

Package includes:

  • Assistance – we know you’re on the water!
  • Help in critical situations
  • Choice of the best spot considering current weather conditions
  • Check and adjustment of your gear
  • 1001 tips and kite hacks from an experienced instructor
  • Revision of the basics of self-safety
  • Organisation of your kite day

And a super cool SUEÑO rashguard for you to ride in!


A trip to Brazil has become a tradition and a “must go” for every kitesurfer. That’s because in Brazil you’ll find the best kite conditions in the world. Guaranteed, strong wind is the foundation of a good trip, no more waiting for the wind to pick up – Brazil is windy EVERY DAY. The other unquestionable advantage is its variety of spots, from ocean waves to flat lagoons, downwind possibility, perfect place to master both a twin tip and a directional board. Besides, it’s overall just an unforgettable adventure. During the trip we’ll be holding a falcultative Progress Camp, so that you can learn lots of new things!



Jericoacoara is an incredible and magical place hidden away from the rest of the world behind dunes. Set up back in the days by the hippies, has now become one of the most must-see places of northern Brazil.  Because Jeri is located in the middle of a nature reserve, there are no roads or concrete, and just getting there through the beach or dunes is already an adventure. Jeri, although discovered by thousands of tourists each year, has kept its surf & hippy vibe and everyone can feel at home there. Thanks to its location Jeri offers many beautiful places for sightseeing, like: famous Pedro Furada mountain gate, several azure lagoons, Mangrove forests or huge dunes. The Jericoacoara beach has been hailed one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
We’re planning to spend 4 days there.


Jericoacoara is a windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing spot. In one place you have the possibility of doing all these sports. For windsurfing there is a specially designated spot in front of the sand dune, you surf on the beach in front of the town and you kitesurf just behind the dune or on nearby lagoons.
Transfer to the lagoon takes about 30min and is a fun adventure – crossing the river on wooden barges and going through the mangrove forest is a great experience for everyone. We
’ll be going
to Preia for kiting, where’s a great infrastructure, kite base with a restaurant and delicious food. Preia is visited each year by pro riders from all over the world as it’s famous for world’s kitesurfing championship GKA Kite World Tour.



Barra Grande is quite far from large cities and due to its location has kept its kitesurfing enclave feel. The quiet fishing village is one of the best kitesurfing spots. The wind here is even stronger than on other spots, that’s why smaller kites will come in useful. In 2014 the PKRA Kitesurfing World Championships took place here. In Barra Grande we have the possibility to: ride just in front of the pausada at both high and low tide, we can downwind or do trips to the lagoon. The village itself is super charming – few tiny restaurants and bars where everybody meets in the evening for caipirinhas, unique pausadas and friendly people, you could really see yourself living there 🙂 We’re planning to spend 5 days there.


The spot in Barra Grande is huge, it changes depending on the tides. At low tide the water is perfectly flat and shallow, perfect for practice. At high tide, it gets deep with little waves. There’s a possibility to organize couple kilometer long downwinds to the lagoons. We can use the BGK base right on the beach. They also have a gear storage so you don’t have to carry it with you. In Barra Grande the wind is strong so smaller kites will come in useful.



Ilha de Gujajiru is located 220km from the airport and the spot is called Kite Lagoon. The lagoon is huge, it stretches over almost 4km and the water is flat and perfect for progression. There’s also a “secret spot”, where lagoon meets the sea creating some nice waves. The spot depends on its tide, at high tide the lagoon gets huge and the water starts to get choppy. Whereas at low tide there’s less water but it’s butter flat. Next to the lagoon there are only pousadas and restaurants, the place has a typical surfer vibe which creates a cool atmosphere. We’re planning to spend 4 days there.


Average weather conditions:

tropical, dry


Temp. c.a. 27°
Waves: YES
Flat water: YES


Direction: side on shore
Strength: 15-30 kts


More on:

Certified IKO courses! Learn with the best!

Maciej Zimowski is our head of training in SUEÑO, licenced IKO instructore and coach, who, based on his 18-year experience in training water sports, will ensure you have a safe and effective start in the world of kitesurfing.



with Maciej Zimowski, IKO coach!

During the trip you can assign for Progress Camp – a kitesurfing training for independent riders. Under the careful eye of professional IKO instructor Maciej ZIMAS Zimowski, you’ll learn:

  • behaviour in difficult situations
  • set up and correctly adjust your gear
  • board retrieval and behaviour in deep water
  • proper body position
  • correct jumps and landing
  • riding switch
  • rotations
  • jumping with grab
  • different tricks ex. backroll, frontroll, darkslide, railey, jumping transition, backroll transition, board off etc.
  • riding strapless on a directional board.


The PROgress CAMP is for anyone able to ride upwind and is already an independent kitesurfer.

Not feeling confident enough for the Progress Camp? Choose an intermediate course.

Pricelist Courses and Lessons

IKO Level:
FOR WHO: For anyone who finished basic training and don't not feel confident yet.
For anyone who needs refresh the acquired knowledge or want to fill in the gaps.
RANGE: board recovery, self rescue w wodzie, correct position, braking, turning, riding upwind, preparation for independent kiting in various conditions and spots, broadened knowledge about the trimming of equipment,

COURSE INDIVIDUAL COURSE 4h: 1 instructor by 1 student including equipment, 4 h
Price: 210 / os. (in the price: training equipment, IKO certificate)

COURSE INDIVIDUAL COURSE 2h: 1 instructor by 1 student including equipment, 2 h
Price: 110 / os. (in the price: training equipment, IKO certificate)

COURSE PRIVATE LESSON: 1 instructor by 1 student, 1 h
Price: 60 / os. (in the price: training )

COURSE PRIVATE HYDROFOIL LESSON : 1 instructor by 1 student, 1 h
Price: 70 / os. (in the price: training + hydrofoil)

IKO Level:
4 / 5
FOR WHO: For each person who can kite in both direction
RANGE: - safety techniques - proper equipment set up - correcting body position - jump and landing - (TT) twintip hooked and unhooked tricks - (DB) directional board - (HF) hydrofoil - weather reading - 1001 tips and tricks

COURSE GROUP : Group classes divided into individual programs for each participant , 5 days x 3 hours
Price: 350 / os. (IN THE PRICE: 15h of coaching with video analisys)

COURSE GROUP: Group classes divided into individual programs for each participant , 1 day x 3 hours
Price: 90 / os. (IN THE PRICE: 3h of coaching with video analisys)

1 student, 1h
Price: 60 / os. (IN THE PRICE: 1h of coaching)

1 student, 1h
Price: 70 / os. (IN THE PRICE: 1h of coaching + hydrofoil board)

Standard packageincluded



Scheduled flight, TAP



17:00 Lisbon – 20:40 Fortaleza


Scheduled flight, TAP


23:50 Fortaleza – 09:50 (+1) Lisbon (overnight)


We’ll pick you up from the airport with a specially rented sleeping bus, straight on the first spot! After a long flight you’ll be able to take a good, deserved relax, and as our customers say: arrive fresh and well rested:) The same bus will take you from the last place back to the airport. We’re proud to say we’re the only company offering these kind of shuttles!


In this place we’ve chosen for you a newly built pousada next to the familiar Vilarejo. Lovely decorated rooms with great service, equipped with all the necessary goods: A/C, WiFi, bathroom with warm shower. A detailed description and pictures will be uploaded soon.



Vilarejo is 4 big bungalows 100m away from the beach. Each house is fitted with a kitchen, living room, terrace, bathroom, bedroom and can fit up to 4 people. In Vilarejo there’s Wi-Fi, a grill area and a pool.



Ventura is Vilarejo’s younger sister, located just on the other side of the fence, newly built pousada with beautiful bungalows on ground and 2nd floor. All located around the swimming pool. The pousada’s atmosphere is very warm and friendly, and besides us, there’ll be no other guests accommodated at the time of our stay.



Wooden rooms right at the pool with a lagoon view. Each has its own terrace or balcony, fitted with a bathroom with warm water, safe and a mini bar. There’s also free WIFI, a bar open all day, restaurant with delicious food, pool and a kite zone. Since this year we’ll also have 2 other new bungalows in a pousada next door. Houses are made entirely out of bamboo and they have an extraordinary design! One of them has a hot tub. Anyone would love to live there!;)



W Jeri there are hundreds of different pousadas and hotels, this time we’ll take you to the completely new, luxurious Hurricane pousada, where you’ll take a good relax in wooden houses. The Pousada is located 100m away from the beach, and its facilities include a swimming pool and roof lounge bar with a one-of-a-kind view of the famous sunset dune. On the other side of the hotel there’s a famous party place called Cafe Jeri, where parties start at sunset (best party we’ve ever been to!), DJ, live drummers, dancers, flamethrowers, yogis and ever a mermaid! You’ve got to see this!


23.10.2020 – 05.11.2020

NamePrice per person
Double roomfrom €1800

To make sure you're in Fortaleza airport at the same time as the rest of the group, please contact us before purchasing your ticket!


  • 4 nights in Jericoacoara in a double room
  • 5 nights in Barra Grande in a double room
  • 4 nights in Ilha de Guajiru in a double room
  • breakfasts
  • sleeping bus transfers from and to the airport
  • transfers between spots in a 4×4 bus
  • Kite Care Package
  • organiser care
  • insurance with an extra for extreme sports
  • photos&videos
  • SUEÑO surfwear rashguard


  • flight ticket
  • kitesurfing lessons and gear rental
  • Sports luggage fee
  • Meals other than breakfast
  • Tax in Jericoacoara 5 BRL / person / day
  • hotel in Lisbon during overnight transfer

Prices may vary due to changing currency exchange rates.



PASSPORT AND VISA: When crossing the border, a minimum 6-month validity of the passport is required counting from the date of departure from Fortaleza. Visa is provided upon arrival.

SPORTS LUGGAGE:  Please report at time of the booking! Airlines can’t guarantee to take your luggage on board, so you should report it as soon as possible. Price is €100/one way, 32kg.

ELECTRICITY: 110 V / 220 V; 60 Hz, you might need an adapter, but most hotels have them included anyways.

CURRENCY: The official currency of Brazil is the Real. It’s good to have cash on you, however bigger restaurants and hotels accept payment by card. ATMs can only be found in bigger cities.

INDICATIVE PRICES: Coffee €1-2, cigarettes c.a. €2, sodas up to €2, beer €2-2,50, lunch at a restaurant from €10.

TIPS: all restaurants add an obligatory 10% service fee, so no additional tips are required.

not required.
What to take?
Kites: 6-8-10. 
Wetsuit: not necessary, 
neoprene boots (small seashells on the sea bottom), sunblock minimum SPF+50, insect spray.
Exemplary prices on the spot:
• Lunch (small): +/- 5 EUR • Drink +/- 3,5 EUR


Trip Price pp Arrival Return
Kite Brazylia Premium Brazil from 1800 EUR 23.10.2020 05.11.2020


Title Description Price How many people?
KITE intermediate 4h individual course

For anyone who completed a basic course but doesn't feel confident yet and needs a sum up. 1 instructor on 1 student, 4h lesson

210 EUR
Progress Camp 7 days

Group class using your own gear, divided into individual learning programs for every contestant + E-Learning access.
PRICE INCLUDES: 14h kite lessons + photo/video analysis + e-learning

350 EUR


Kite Brazylia Premium Brazil
*The price may change due to changing air fares and exchange rates.