For beginners / IKO 1+2

Are you wondering if kitesurfing is safe?

It is, but in the hands of experienced instructors

  • Lessons take a place in the best, safest and fast-progressing spots.
  • The trainings are conducted according to current IKO standards  (International Kiteboarding Organization)
  • After completing the course you will get an international certificate.







Imagine that you find a fascinating passion, which connects you with nature and interesting people, thanks to which you spend your holiday and rest effectively.


It’s your START into the adventure of your life!


Trust our experience!

Maciej Zimas Zimowski / IKO Instructor, Coach i Assistant Trainer 

– head of training at SUEÑO SURF with over 20 years of teaching experience, personally makes sure that the courses are conducted at the highest level.

Easy & secure!

Maciej Zimowski created and led for seven years one of the most professional kitesurfing center in the world. For many years he has been riding, training and cooperating with kitesurfing centers around the world. He managed the work, in total over 60 instructors. By training candidates for IKO Instructors, visiting various places around the world, he constantly improves and optimizes training methods.

The result of this work is the SUEÑO SURF Quality System – safe and easy .


What you can learn on the course

We train according to the IKO program and based on many years of experience.

With us you will learn:


safety basics
equipment set up
kite steering
self rescue
kite launching and landing
putting on board & water start
riding both sides
basic turn

We guarantee that with us you will learn all the basics and you will be able to go to the next level of skills.

Teaching program price list

IKO 1+2
For anyone who wants learn kitesurfing in a safe and easy way FROM BASICS TO THE FIRST RIDE
COURSE Duration Price
1 instructor by 2 students
10 h
350 EUR / os.
in the price: training equipment, IKO certificate
1 instructor by 1 student
8 h
450 EUR / os.
in the price: training equipment, IKO certificate

Standard packagein the price

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